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Appropriate translations for the target language

Spanish from Mexico, Argentina and Spain. English from the United States and the United Kingdom. Portuguese of Brazil. Modern Chinese and much more.

Simple or Regular:

Are those translations that don’t require a specific terminology or elaborated style, such as corporative presentations, mailing,
reports, curriculums, recommendation letters, etc.


Translations that require a specific terminology depending on the particularities of the theme and style.

Legal/Financial /Commercial:

Translations like contracts, bid, user instructions, maintenance, catalogs, technical specifications, capacitation, etc.


Are the translations that need to be made by an expert translator authorized by official organizations, such as academic files, adoption documents, birth and decease certificates, testaments, marriage certificates, divorce sentences, legal contracts, immigration and naturalization files, visas, passports, deeds, medical records, criminal records, etc.

Step by Step process

1st STEP.  The client delivers the file for a quotation. This may be done by e-mail or ftp, sending it to our offices or ask for the collect service. If it’s e-mail via, the file must be in MS Word, but we may receive from PDF’s to design extensions like Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Flash or from the Microsoft Office family, and of course, a simple text. If you don’t count on the electronic file you may send it by fax or we may scan it for you.

2nd STEP. The rates are for each 200 words, equal to one page for us. (Consider the mention before, if what you want is, for example, translate banks contracts with a small font, because it may result on a 30 pages long with the average type font.)

Why our prices are different? – Because we consider that it’s not fair to be. It is not the same translate “Mary had a little lamb” that “The functions of the wave are comparable with the Chlandi acoustic figures of the forms of vibration in classical physics and are of course, oscillating forms as well: they possess a sharp energy consequently a sharp frequency”. It is not the same to translate from Spanish to English or form French to Japanese. Everything has a process and a production time and even our translation model is one of the most efficient on the market, we can’t collect the same for a two hour job than for a 5 says job. The rates are predefined, so there will be any surprises, and remember the less editing job or file requirements; the less will be the time and the bill.

When the price has been clear and our rate is established, we proceed on the third step.

3rd STEP. The translator reads, analyze the information and record via electronic media your translation, which goes to a specialized typist in the language and once the text is captured, it is saved on a database specialized on the common terms of your company (Trados) and the terms are homologue all together. Then, the specialized translator may give the final touch. Once this is finish, if the file need, a special edition such as (pictures, photos, boards, etc.) It’s send to the Design Department, and the files assemble according with your specifications. If you require printing, it is send to the Printing Department and it’s delivered printed and translated.

4th STEP. When the translation is delivered with the client specifications, it is added up the bill with the total and the payment proceeds.

Our designs are simply effective

We will always try to deliver a document exactly like the one you gave us, in terms of design and layout.


We will deliver the website uploaded to your server, and ready to work in the languages you require.

Apostilles and official documents

You will not notice the difference between the original document and the translated document.

Books and Magazines

We work with InDesign so we can deliver your documents ready for professional printing.

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