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FractalCorp S.A. de C.V., company founded in 2002 and established in 2005. It was born with only objective of going on with the phrase “treat them as you wish to be treated”. Each division who constitute the company was born based on the needs of our clients and everything is planned meticulously: we get to agreements with other companies, we buy the necessary equipment and we hire the right employees.

That’s the case of TuTraducció, which derivate from our clients necessities of translate plans and sites, who develop the Systems Department and because there is no market in translations who explores new technologies, we decided to create the FractalCorp Department who will dedicate to translate everything that all the other departments do.

We have the capacity to offer you from the interface of your software translated in many languages, and a website in HTML, PHP, ASP, even in Joomla, to print whatever you want once translated, so you don’t have to struggle with many companies, and so, you’ll have a final product with only one receipt.

Our commitment is the quality and the satisfaction of our clients. 100% guaranteed or your money devolution*. Remember our safety goes beyond because, if it’s necessary we certificate your translations by The Superior Justice Tribunal (local), The Federal Jurisdiction Counsel (national) or the embassy that you want.

*Restrictions apply.

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FractalCorp, S.A. de C.V.

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